Month: July 2015

Great King, Bad King

Characteristics and qualities of great leadership should not be debatable. It should be as obvious as day vs. night. Believe it or not, the Bible plays a prominent role in the ideal profile of great business and civic leadership. ♦ We… Read More ›

The Young Atheist

This atheist always thought Christians were foolish, deluded, and even evil. One day she met a friend who shared the message of God in a way she’d never heard before. ♦ I heard an atheist share her story recently. She was quite… Read More ›

Modern Christianity?

Have we complicated Christianity beyond its basic elements? Have things gotten distorted along the way? Here are 2 keys to getting it right. ♦ Remember the old religious tracts that used to be handed out by Christians on street corners, public… Read More ›