Month: May 2016

Defeating Darwin

Evolution is wildly distorted by Christians, agnostics and atheists alike. These distortions, whether intended or not, are too egregious to ignore. Time to fess up. ♦ Talking about evolution is like talking about politics. It’s full of biased opinions and honest… Read More ›

Doubting Darwin?

Is it even possible to have an honest discussion today about Darwin and his theory of evolution? Yes, and we should. In the heated battle with the Evolutionists, it is the Intelligent Design crowd, not the Creationists, who will win. ♦… Read More ›

Make a Woman’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Call your Mom and pamper the Mother of your children. The Bible has much to say about Mothers and Women in general. Men, and Women, take heed. ♦ I’ve been married almost 4 decades, have had a… Read More ›