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Michael Griego is an active Silicon Valley businessman, consultant, author and speaker. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Occidental College and Stanford University. For the past 25 years he has also studied the Scriptures and taught and developed Bible study coursework for churches, seminars and home groups. He resides in the south bay with his wife of 40 years. He has 3 married children and 10 grandchildren.

  • Living in Spiritual Warfare

    The Enemy is real and destructive. But even many Christians have trouble accepting the reality of “the Devil.” If Christ acknowledged him, why not us? ♦ While many will acknowledge the spiritual realm in our lives (“I’m a very spiritual person”… Read More ›

  • The Bible and Cultural Whims

    A judicial decision shakes and divides a nation once again. What is the bigger context of cultural trends, pressures and opinions in light of Biblical history? ♦ The Bible is full of historical accounts of cultural shifts led by strategic… Read More ›

  • Joshua, Decisions and Devotion

    While intentions are noble and we yearn to be obedient, it is common to succumb to choices in life that are not of God or consistent with His Word. ♦ Joshua led the people of God, the Israelites, into the… Read More ›

  • Praying for Your Family

    Here is a simple framework that will help direct specific prayers for you and your family and quite possibly redirect your personal prayer life. ♦ The first nine chapters of the first book of Chronicles is that part of the Bible that… Read More ›

  • “Layman” in the Marketplace

    There should really be no distinction between a marketplace Christian and a marketplace minister. In truth, ministry happens, or should happen, every day in the marketplace ♦ The Marketplace and Ministry Throughout civilized societies the marketplace has been closely aligned with… Read More ›

  • Living in Godly Obedience

    Are you living in obedience and freedom or guilt and bondage? Many Christians mix these up and operate life in shackles of their own making. ♦ Just the very mention of the word ‘obedience’ can cause a quiet, internal stir of… Read More ›

  • God and Marriage

    God’s original standard of marriage was reestablished by Christ in the New Testament. In between that time and since it has often been out of step with social norms of fallen man. ♦   The institution of marriage was established and ordained by God. It… Read More ›

  • Ape Fiction

    Many are not aware that evidence proving man evolved from apes is quite dubious. Christians and non-Christians alike should be thinking through the implications. ♦   For well over a century now, studies of bones, skulls and teeth have produced unreliable conclusions about man’s… Read More ›

  • Living a Vision

    Our life reflects our vision. Consider the vision that compels you forward each day – is it an idle vision of your own ideals or a God-inspired vision in a larger story? ♦ What are we really doing in our lives… Read More ›

  • We Are Who We Follow

    We make choices reflecting our values in whom and what purpose we’re following. Be wary of leaders and even noble causes that draw attention to something apart from the One who is the Christ. ♦ John the Baptist gave advance… Read More ›

  • Born Again Power Figure

    It took a crisis to turn around the life of an accomplished power player. Sometimes painful periods are but preparation for a greater role in God’s kingdom. ♦ Charles Colson died a year ago this month at the age of 82…. Read More ›

  • God, Boston, and Your Worldview

    Evil boldly manifested again in the public square gives rise to the age-old question: How can a good God allow such bad things to happen? ♦ So it’s happening again. More bad things in a dark world, as they have… Read More ›