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  • Uber Christian

    Have you ever experienced a God-blessed encounter that leaves you as encouraged as the other party? Such is the case in this simple shared car ride. ♦ After flying into a major American city this week I ordered up a ride… Read More ›

  • Finding What You Seek?

    We’re all seeking something. Some of us are finding answers and results, or so we think. Others are not sure we’re quite worthy or deserving, or will take whatever we can get. Are you finding what you seek? ♦ While not… Read More ›

  • The Challenge of Jesus

    The Bible cites a brief incident where Jesus challenged powerful people with a simple but profound question they could not or would not answer. Can you? ♦ It’s popular today to “challenge authority” and “speak truth to power.” Sounds noble and… Read More ›

  • The Christianity Grid

    Our relationship with God is really a function of 2 specific questions. These questions can actually be presented in a two-dimensional matrix. How do you stand on the Christianity Grid? ♦ Remember the old term “Backslider” to describe that Christian who had… Read More ›

  • What Moms Really Need

    On Mother’s Day our Mothers need more than a day off from the norm. They need something they don’t often receive.  ♦ Why do children cry out for their Mommy when they get hurt? Why do soldiers cry out for… Read More ›

  • Praying For This and That? Try This.

    Christians are often asked to pray for any variety of needs and requests by friends, family members, and others. While praying for this or that, one may be wondering “Is there a better way?” ♦ There’s a dual challenge when friends… Read More ›