The Unlikely Convert

She was a tenured professor of English at Syracuse University, New York, where she was an outspoken lesbian activist until she received Christ in 1999. She is now a full-time mother and pastor’s wife. What? ♦ Dr. Rosaria Butterfield was a… Read More ›

Marital Storytelling

Relationships are built on emotional connection that comes through understanding of each other’s hopes, and dreams, and sources of deep brokenness. Most couples only get two out of three right. ♦ As married couples we all have a story to tell, our… Read More ›

The Young Atheist

This atheist always thought Christians were foolish, deluded, and even evil. One day she met a friend who shared the message of God in a way she’d never heard before. ♦ I heard an atheist share her story recently. She was quite… Read More ›

Modern Christianity?

Have we complicated Christianity beyond its basic elements? Have things gotten distorted along the way? Here are 2 keys to getting it right. ♦ Remember the old religious tracts that used to be handed out by Christians on street corners, public… Read More ›

Are you Double-Minded?

Are you unstable in your life? Even if a Christian, are you a walking contradiction at times? If so, you may be “double-minded” and up against something stronger than imagined. ♦ Do you have a compromised faith? Do you ever… Read More ›