Recovering Well?

In a real sense, spiritually we are all victims in need of rehabilitation and recovery. It’s in the healing of the heart, mind, and soul, that one experiences personal breakthroughs and wholeness. ◊ When we consider the rehab and recovery… Read More ›

A Good Fathering Prayer

It’s unfortunate that the subject of good and poor fathering is not taught or even discussed much in schools. Who would set the standard? Fortunately, the Bible provides very clear guidance, if not a checklist, for good fathering. ◊ As another… Read More ›

A Holy Intervention

God works in ways that do seem odd and mysterious. This situation involved the convergence of 2 distinct Bible passages strangely presented to me one evening in answer to a heartfelt question. ◊ This very month 17 years ago God… Read More ›