The Martyr in ACTS 7

The arrest and interrogation of Stephen results in his death by stoning in ACTS 7. Was it something he said? Absolutely. ◊  Many people have been killed as martyrs for their cause, be it religion, politics, or something they hold… Read More ›

The Deacons in ACTS 6

The new Christ-following Church formed the first ministry support team. (Interesting how the structure got so complicated over the years.) But outside opposition began early as well. ◊ As the early Christian church was growing and blossoming in those first… Read More ›

The Healing in ACTS 3

The momentum keeps building as the new Christian Way is taking root in Jerusalem months after Jesus was killed and resurrected. Now another amazing miracle occurs with a strong word of explanation. ◊ The Apostle Peter continues to be moved… Read More ›