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  • Schooled by Jesus

    One third of the US adult population believe in some higher power that is not God of the Bible. 100% of the US and global population needs to be schooled by Jesus. ◊ There is a pervasive theme in today’s global… Read More ›

  • Good Works or Good Character?

    “God’s probably not very happy with me. I need to work on my character and personal conduct. I really need to try harder to be a better person.” Right? Not necessarily. ◊ The idea that a fully mature Christian is… Read More ›

  • A Holy Intervention

    God works in ways that do seem odd and mysterious. This situation involved the convergence of 2 distinct Bible passages strangely presented to me one evening in answer to a heartfelt question. ◊ This very month 17 years ago God… Read More ›

  • The One Thing

    Are you focused on the One Thing or all the things the world offers? Is there a good yield from your work? Is there joy and peace regardless of circumstances? Consider the journey of a once worldly young woman. ◊… Read More ›

  • The 4 Spiritual Responses

    You may recall the 4 Spiritual Laws originated in the 20th century by Bill Bright in the United States. Consider the 4 Spiritual Responses originated in the 1st century by Jesus in the Middle East. ◊ I was first taught… Read More ›

  • Selling Like Jesus

    Most people strive to be good and fair in their personal and professional lives. Christians and even non-Christians try to model the so-called Golden Rule as proclaimed by Jesus. But what would Jesus be like in today’s modern marketplace as… Read More ›

  • The Resurrection Hoax?

    Most of us believe what others tell us. It’s easier than doing the research ourselves. And it’s easier to go along and fall in line with the opinion of the masses. How about you? ◊ There’s a fascinating book, The… Read More ›