Holy Spirit

The Deacons in ACTS 6

The new Christ-following Church formed the first ministry support team. (Interesting how the structure got so complicated over the years.) But outside opposition began early as well. ◊ As the early Christian church was growing and blossoming in those first… Read More ›

The Healing in ACTS 3

The momentum keeps building as the new Christian Way is taking root in Jerusalem months after Jesus was killed and resurrected. Now another amazing miracle occurs with a strong word of explanation. ◊ The Apostle Peter continues to be moved… Read More ›

Was That You, God?

That little hunch or fleeting notion might have been palpable, like a crystal-clear dream, vision, thought, or even small voice. Ever get those spiritual inclinations that seem so vivid yet ridiculously risky, hard, or seemingly impossible? But they seem so right. “Was… Read More ›