Macroevolution and Microevolution

EvolutionA good starting point in discussions on evolution is to clarify terminology. Both Christians and evolutionists fail to make a clear and logical distinction between macro and microevolution. ♦

Evolution is one of those topics many Christians avoid bringing up in polite company. Too much risk in going beyond a safe acquiescence to the comment “I don’t believe we came from monkeys.” Safer yet to go along with the popular but compromised position of theistic evolution that “maybe God used evolution.” After all, God could have done it, right?

Homework Assignment
Don’t compromise. Conduct your own self-study program rather than listen to the justifications of others, academics, or certainly media. Even clergy. First clarify terminology. Organic evolution is sometimes called the molecules-to-man theory or simply macroevolution. As theorized, this is a naturally occurring, beneficial change that produces increasing and inheritable complexity, such as if the offspring of one form of life had a different and improved set of vital organs. This view believes that reptiles and amphibians have transformed into human beings.

This view is a monstrous lie.

Now before you get up in arms, study the facts and you’ll soon see that we’re not getting the full story. For example, take the fossil record, just not necessarily at your local museum, as they support the distortion of facts. There is no evidence of transitional forms between distinct species. In truth, this form of evolution has never been observed or proven. Even Harvard paleontologist, Stephen Jay Gould, had to admit “the absence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions in organic design…has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualistic accounts of evolution.”

A nagging problem indeed that most evolutionists conveniently overlook. Or they mix it with microevolution and make one seem foolish for doubting evolution.

Macro is Not Micro
These terms should not to be confused (as they often are) or used interchangeably. Microevolution (think small changes within a species) does not involve increasing genetic complexity. It involves changes only in size, shape, or color, or minor genetic alterations caused by a few mutations.

Macroevolution (think big changes from one species to another) demands increased genetic complexity and would require thousands of random “just right” mutations arising over time. That’s why evolutionists emphasize a long time; billions of years. They need it to make any sense.

And even with time, it doesn’t.

This is not Darwin’s finches changing beak shapes; this is Darwin’s finches turning into cats. No amount of time will produce these results we’re ironically expected to accept on faith. Whereas microevolution is a horizontal or even downward change (beaks) and macroevolution would involve an upward, beneficial change in complexity (cats), microevolution plus time will never produce macroevolution.

Only Microevolution is True
Creationists and evolutionists actually both believe in evolution; that is, that microevolution and natural selection occur. Minor change has been observed since history began. It happens all the time; it’s all around us. For example, when bred for certain traits, dogs become different and distinctive. ‘Survival of the fittest’ does happen – but within kinds or species. Remember the finches.

Again, this is microevolution. Indeed it is not micro, but rather macroevolution, that is at the center of the creation-evolution controversy. When an evolutionist confronts your non-belief in evolution, say you agree with him/her. Then specify that microevolution is true; macroevolution is false.

Challenge him/her to prove macroevolution and they will fumble about and talk about experiments with mutations and how flies grew 3 wings. Rest your case. Even all the time in the world will never turn a fly into a bird.

It wasn’t created or designed that way.

Christians should boldly refrain from naturally defaulting to safe-sounding positions. With confidence, know that evidence supports the conclusion that macroevolution has never been observed, is illogical, and given life’s complexities, is impossible with random/chance processes, even given billions of years, for explaining life’s origins.
“I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” – Psalms 139:14

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  1. “This is not Darwin’s finches changing beak shapes; this is Darwin’s finches turning into cats.” Birds and cats are on different branches on the tree of life.


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