God is Not Dead

“Ultimately, the Darwinian theory of evolution is no more or less than the great cosmogenic myth of [our time].” Try dropping that bombshell statement on your secular friends or your college professor! ♦

God is Not DeadThe quote above comes from Dr. Michael Denton, molecular biologist, in his 1986 book, Evolution:  a Theory in Crisis. He continues: “The overriding supremacy of the myth has created a widespread illusion that the theory of evolution was all but proved 100 years ago and that all subsequent biological research – paleontological, zoological and in the new branches of genetics and molecular biology – has provided every increasing evidence for Darwinian ideas. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Would that all Christians could be so bold. Or informed.

Cinematic Apologetics
There’s a current low-budget movie titled God is Not Dead that takes on the task of addressing the intellectual arguments for and against the existence of God. The setting is a college campus and the debate is between a courageous freshman Christian and an intimidating atheist professor. While the plot-line is a stretch and the acting light, growing audiences are finding it certainly more entertaining and engaging than the movie, Noah (see pre-release post 1/11/14 Here Comes the Flood).

By the way, God is Not Dead, a small independent film with a $4M total production and marketing budget, is already showing a 10X return on investment for its producers. Noah, on the other hand, is headed to be a blockbuster bust, costing $200M and is looking to be a big loss for Paramount Pictures.

The atheists lose again. That’s what you get when you combat truth. In the case of Noah, the Book is so much better than the movie.

4 Reasons God’s Not Dead
Many Christians and now their children have been intimidated and intellectually bullied out of their faith by high school teachers, college professors, and anti-Christian skeptics who stridently project their secular beliefs and causes. Like the classroom students in God is Not Dead, most take the hit as they are not equipped or even inclined to fight back unlike the young protagonist in the film.

Here are 4 reasons or primary arguments for the existence of God:

1. The Beginning – Something started everything. Nothing comes from nothing. The cosmos had a beginning; it did not always exist. The scientific Law of Causality posits that everything that had a beginning had a cause. The universe had a beginning (science theorizes the Big Bang), and therefore the universe had a cause. The conclusion is that the universe/cosmos could not have created itself. It was started by something outside of itself. Even the Big Bang theory implies an originator of matter.

It takes a larger leap of blind faith to be an atheist than a Christian.

Christianity upholds the opening Scriptural assertion in Genesis 1:1 that: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Likewise, Christ asserts in the last chapter of the last book, Revelation 22:13, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” God is that originator.

2. By Design – Every design has a designer. The universe and life are complex and finely-tuned by design. They are not random – could never be. Not in a million years, even in billions. Even the Big Bang theory of uniformity in an outward explosion cannot account for extremely ordered galaxies, solar systems, planets, and moons. The facts of science strongly argue that a Big Bang origin for the universe is not possible.

Additionally, the universe and earth itself is so delicately balanced that only slight changes in gravitational force would cause destructive expansion or collapse. If atmospheric transparency was not as it exists we would freeze or be radiated. If oxygen levels were not precise as they are for life on earth, we would instantly suffocate. Science points out 122 key constraints that must be exact. There is a 1 in 10138 chance they came to be by “chance.” Life itself is virtually impossible to have originated by a random association of molecules. Many evolutionists concede that the odds of evolution occurring are just 1 in 10250. Acclaimed scientist Emile Borel’s so called “law of chance” notes that when the chance exceeds 1050 then no chance remains for an event to occur.

Yes, there is a great designer – an intelligent designer. He is the Great I Am, God.

3. Human Capacity – The Scriptures state that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.” – Genesis 1:27. We have a unique and unexplained programming that is the imprint of God. Humans have a conscience, an inherent sense of fairness and distinction between right and wrong (don’t murder, steal or cheat). Humans sin but know they are violating a natural moral code. Where did these moral values come from?

They come from God. They are actually stated in Scripture and traceably injected as God’s moral Law into human history.

Additionally, we conceive of perfection, reason, meaning and justice. We appreciate beauty and enjoy music. We feel emotions, and love. We dream and imagine. We conceive of God and eternity – every human culture does. Where did this come from? What evolutionary purpose did these serve?  It comes from the eternal God. “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11.

4. Jesus Christ – Jesus really existed as a man. He is a historical figure. His life and death are historical facts, as well as His resurrection from the dead. Because Jesus has been raised from the dead, we can know God exists and that the words He spoke can be trusted. This miracle demonstrates His supremacy over all earthly authority. He is the central figure of the Bible, the link from the beginning of man, foreshadowed in Genesis 3 and reigning King in eternity as stated in the ending Book of Revelation. The Old Testament points to Him; the New Testament is all about Him.

That same Bible is a collection of 66 ancient books that record the words and works of God in history. It is historically accurate, has been archaeologically verified, is constructed from reliable manuscripts, and contains startling prophecies that have been fulfilled in history. It can be trusted as is and followed as the Word of God.

Celebrate Easter this weekend with confidence and reverence for what has transpired. No, God is not dead – He is very much alive. 
“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” – Romans 1:20

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