If God is Good, Why Do I Feel So Bad?

If God is so good, then why do we still feel so bad, even sad? What’s really keeping a person from a life of real joy and happiness? 

Feeling Sad

Ok. So if one is loved by God and God is good, how can a Christian sometimes feel so sad, angry, depressed, frustrated, scared, hateful, lonely, empty or (you fill in the blank)?

Really, how can God be so good and I can be so sad and dejected? Why am I not living out the so-called Good News? Why do I feel my life is out of whack?

How can a Christian get so derailed and undone so as to lose hope, even if it’s only intermittently? If Christianity is so great, how can a believer in God feel so uninspired, empty and lost?

What’s wrong here? This is not how it’s supposed to be, is it? This is not quite “living in the joy of the Lord.”

4 Reasons You May Be Out of Sorts
It’s a matter of the mind, heart, and will. Well beyond thinking one’s having a bad day, consider any of the following 4 possible reasons that you may be less than 100% satisfied or off-kilter in your life and therefore missing real peace and joy. With each of these is a suggested solution:

1. You may not really believe – It may not be “ye of little faith” as much as it is “ye of some or no faith.” You may actually really not buy into it all, or doubts have crept in. At some point you’ve been compromised or slowly drifted away from the faith of your youth. You still “believe” but with a few caveats. You’ve bought into a worldly gospel, or parts of it, and evolved your belief system into your own version of Christianity void of Spirit and Truth. God is not present here. You’re actually directing your own life.

Solution:  Revisit Jesus (John 1:1, the 4 Gospels, the Book of Hebrews). Recalibrate on who He is, what He said, what He did, when He came, where He came, how He lived and died and rose, how the prophets spoke of Him, and why He came. Re-engage God at Christianity’s center point: Jesus Christ. Build back up a faith in the Larger Story of God’s plan of redemption for lost Man. It’s a belief built on fact but ultimately a step of faith worthy of devotion. At all costs. That devotion should be 100%, nothing less.

2. You may have a works mentality – You may be trying too hard or feeling guilty for not doing enough. A quid pro quo gospel is works-based and minimizes God. We think if we’re good or do good things then God will be good back to us. If we do this or that, then God will reward us with this bone or that bone. We’re disappointed and confused when things don’t work out. This is false teaching, though very culturally attractive, like the thinking that “God helps those who help themselves.” There’s no Scriptural basis for this. It’s fool’s gold.

Solution:  Rethink your secular theology. Revisit Christianity 101, read Romans chapters 1,2 and 3, (See Biblical Viewpoint, A Simple Gospel: Romans 1-3). You may not like it or think it’s fair or tolerant, but it’s not your call. Study the Scriptures and you learn that it is not by birthright, privilege or by any act or actions of merit that we come to God and earn His favor. Man’s system of merit has no part or authority in God’s system of redemptive restoration. It is full-surrendered faith. Your absolute standing before God depends upon your response to this issue.

3. You may be living in sin – No, not necessarily just living with another person out-of-wedlock, that’s an issue unto itself, but simply co-existing with real daily, no-doubt-about-it sin. How old-fashioned? Well, tread carefully. It’s more serious than you may think. It’s playing with fire that will snuff out the work of the Spirit of God in your life. Our bodies are to be the living temple of God, housing the Spirit of God, to do the work that He desires in us. Our sin is like a dirty wall of separation that keeps us in guilt, shame, and hiding. It’s sex, drugs, and pornography. It’s envy, greed, and covetousness. It’s anger, pride, and selfishness. It’s insidious as we and everyone around us accepts it, “as long as you’re not hurting anyone.” It’s a dangerous lie.

Solution:  Remove the blinders and stop the sin immediately. Then get on your knees (not required, just a serious manifestation of devotion) and confess your sin to Jesus/God. You need no intercessor – Jesus is the ultimate High Priest who gives us direct access to God the Father (Hebrews 4:14-16). Then, as Jesus told the adulterous woman, “Go and sin no more.” There is now no condemnation for those that are in the forgiving arms of Christ Jesus. You are cleansed. Like a good hot shower. You can stand tall again, without guilt, shame or hiding. You are renewed and restored. Re-invite the Spirit of God into your heart and soul and regain your Life under the revitalized authority of the Holy Spirit.

4. You may be impacted by circumstances – Finally, for those that may not have doubts of belief or be doctrinally confused or be mired in sin, you may still be taken out emotionally or hit hard by your circumstances. These hits may cause you to doubt that God cares or is listening to your cries of help, pain and sorrow. Or they may cause you to want to jump in with your own action plan to self manage. Caution. Do not act alone.

Solution:  In truth, bad things happen, even to good people (see Biblical Viewpoint, So Really, Why Do Bad Things Happen?). In the life of the devoted, God by His providence brings one into situations and circumstances that sometimes only the Spirit of God understands. Don’t think your circumstances are strange or even random. See them all in the hands of God. Difficult as it is, be clearheaded in painful trials, knowing that God is doing a work in and through you for His purposes that may never be fully clear to you in this lifetime. Let the Spirit intercede and proceed instead with perspective and peace beyond this world.

It’s a Self-Service Offering
It’s our choice how we react to the ebb and flow of life and who we allow to direct it. We don’t need a class, a book or any church program. The Turning is available now, today, anytime. What awaits one is real peace, joy and Life.

Are you living with real peace and joy?
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. – Hebrews 11:6

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