Gold Medal Dad/Husband/Grandfather?

It’s Father’s Day weekend. Time to be honored and enjoy our family with picnics and/or watching sports or reading the paper in peace. But beyond that, how are we really doing? 

fathersdayIt’s that great time of year with sports finals and summer vacations and mid-year resets. And Father’s Day. At least one day each year where Dads get official honored and acknowledged for all we do.

It’s cute. It’s fun. And most of us leave it at that.

Man Review
Why not use it as a personal Man, Father, Husband, Grandfather Check-up Time as well?

Are you a Gold Medalist?

How are we doing as Men? As Dads? As Husbands? As Grandfathers? Not to lay a big guilt trip on us already burden-laden men, it is fair game to have us assess ourselves in the Man/Dad/Husband/Grandfather category.

Are we doing okay? Are we on track? Are we normal? Are we straying? Are we shirking our responsibilities? Are we recovering and healing well? Are we getting healthy? Are we getting lazy? Are we selfish? Are we growing?

Are we men of impact, on our family, children and those around us? Are we good and noble men? Godly men? Ungodly men? Dangerous men? Dead men?

These are not trick questions, but ones that we should ask ourselves at this natural time of a mid-year Father’s Day Review of sorts.

A Self-Study
Here are some independent, self-paced topics to consider and self-assess your current status as a man/father/husband/grandfather:

Go easy on yourself, but be open to stretching yourself as well. We’ve all got room to develop. I only became fully proactive and engaged with these notions and ideas and the effective application of them well into my 37 years of marriage.

I’m still working it. My family patiently loves me as your family no doubt loves you, even as you work toward the medal stand.

How are you really doing this Father’s Day? Are you a Gold Medalist?
Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. – Ephesians 6:4

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