Best of Christmas Biblical Viewpoints

Need to get in the Christmas mood and awaken yourself spiritually and emotionally? Here are 8 thought-provoking and heart-moving stories and perspectives to inform and encourage you this week. 

Each year at this time I love to read Christmas short stories and historical and Biblical perspectives on this special holiday season. It always serves to uplift, encourage, and stir me with the truths and questions and realities of the significant events around the Christmas celebration.

As I have been writing these Biblical Viewpoints weekly for the past 5 years, there is a collection of at least 3 per year (actually 17 in total) that I have written on topics in and around the subject of the Christmas season.

So with that I am presenting here a selected 8 of my own Best of Christmas Biblical Viewpoints for you to pick and chose and read at your leisure this weekend. If you’re familiar with my approach, these perspectives are targeted for Christians of all levels, as well as, I believe, non-Christians who are open-minded and inquisitive to the very real questions, issues, and concerns that arise when contemplating the deeper things in life.

This collection includes the real story behind Handel’s Messiah, the numerous incidents of dreams and visions in the Christmas story, the curious star of Christmas, the strange encounters at the post-birth dedication of the baby Jesus, the often cited yet misunderstood Old Testament Christmas prophecies, an apologetic Christmas challenge, a review of what Mary knew and when she knew it, and finally, a true short short by a famous novelist that has touched me greatly over the years.

May your mind, heart, and spirit be stirred. Have a Merry Christmas!

8 Stories
Here are 8 Biblical Viewpoints about Christmas that lend themselves to good reading and study by yourself or with friends and family around a Christmas tree or fireplace this weekend.

  1. Handel’s Musical Masterpiece – You may be attending a church service this Christmas weekend that has a choir or the congregation singing Handel’s Messiah, a musical masterpiece. Do you know the full story of its composition? It’s actually one of the world’s most beautiful musical scores ever written. It changed a man’s life and its creation reveals a glimpse of the glory behind the creative aspect of God. Read the Viewpoint here.
  2. Christmas Dreams and Visions – The Christmas stories around the birth of Jesus are actually a profound mosaic of uncanny occurrences that need to be considered and reconsidered. In fact, they are filled with supernatural dreams and visions. How do we deal with this? Did these really happen or are they all nice fairy tales? It’s a fair challenge to take another look at the Story and its component parts.  Read the Viewpoint here.
  3. What About the Christmas Star? – What’s the truth about the Christmas star? Was this iconic symbol of the birth of Christ really a new star, a comet, aligned planets, a nova or supernova? Have you considered perhaps another option? Let’s look at what the Bible actually says about the Christmas star, and then what astronomers and Christian commentators have suggested over time. Read the Viewpoint here.
  4. A Christmas Story Often Missed – While there are serious implications found in the Christmas narrative, there is also a little adjunct story often overlooked. It’s a prophetic word from an old and devout, spirit-led man and woman who both get more than a footnote in the greatest story every told. Read the Viewpoint here.
  5. Christmas Prophecy and Typology – With the Christmas season comes the citing of Biblical passages that inspire and encourage. At the same time close examination may raise questions that confuse and dissuade. “Unto us a child is born…the virgin will be with child…and will call him Immanuel.” These verses in and out of context can lead to confusion and misinterpretation by Christians and enemies of the faith as well. Read the Viewpoint here.
  6. Merry Christmas – Believe It or Not – Whether people honor the birth of the world’s savior or celebrate a secular culture’s happy holiday season, it’s Christmas nonetheless and a time of reckoning. The truth of the matter should be dealt with and reconciled by even learned and sophisticated people. Those who have searched have not been disappointed.  Read the Viewpoint here.
  7. Mary, Did You Know? – Have you ever considered the situation of Mary, the young mother of Jesus? Imagine the fear, the wonder, the uncertainty, the hopeful expectation. Did she know what was really happening? I believe Mary did know. We should all be so selfless and obedient, even in the midst of dark and confusing circumstances. Read the Viewpoint here.
  8. A Christmas Miracle – Taylor Caldwell wrote many novels throughout her career. This one short Christmas story has always touched me greatly for its elements of financial fear, selflessness, a child’s joy and innocence, gift-giving, love, and charity. Have a Merry Christmas! Read the Viewpoint here.

Have a very Merry Christmas!
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

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