Just Enough – Daily

Besides one word, consider other key words in a simple sentence we’ve all most likely recited countless times in our life. This view might change your entire perspective on God. ◊

It’s clear that we all have a tendency to get complacent when we have too much of anything – money, housing, cars, food, even family and relationships. Strange that we do but it’s only natural that in our comfort we can be prone to relax and take things for granted.

Of course it works the other way as well. When we are deficient or have little in terms of anything listed above we are more grateful or thankful for any small amount or morsel even.

Thankful to whom?

Well, the person or entity that provides to us, or, at a higher level, God. Depending on our faith and inclinations, “Thank, God! or “Thank, Heavens!” or perhaps more specifically, “Thank you, Jesus!” may be what we voice.

Here’s a thought that might bring new light on a common recitation.

“Daily” Bread
I was reminded recently in a sermon I heard about the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew (6:9-13) that there’s a special significance to the word “daily” relative to God and provisions. The well-known phrase in Jesus’ prayer model: “Give us today our daily bread” (v. 11) is an easy one to fly over and miss some key lesson points.

Beyond that one word, consider other key words in this simple sentence we’ve all most likely recited countless times:

  • Give – Note that the petition is to God, the Giver. With this simple word, Jesus highlights that the provision comes from the Provider who give like a parent gives gifts and food to a beloved child. The child is only fed out of the goodness, love and caring concern of the parent. God should be recognized as our loving Giver.
  • Today – The use of this word “today” implies that the praying person does this repeatedly, daily. If Jesus had said “weekly” or “monthly” or “as needed” then we would have before us a completely different prayer model. That Jesus inserts the word “today” tells us that God is willing to lovingly give us food/life provisions every day. We should be asking God today for provisions, each day and every day. He’s able and willing to do that.
  • Daily – The word here implies that this provision is expected to come each day. Note again that Jesus did not say our weekly or monthly or necessary provision of bread/food. He very specifically mentions “daily.” Any Jewish layman in Jesus’ day would have been able to make the connection with the Old Testament reference to the daily provisions by God of bread (manna) and then quail (and then water) for the Hebrews in the wilderness fleeing Egypt under the leadership of Moses. (see Exodus 16 and 17). The food then lasted only for 1 day; 2 days to accommodate the Sabbath, lest anyone think it was a preservation issue – it was a supernatural provision. We take away from this that God can do anything, anytime, every day.
  • Bread – The simplest of provision for sustenance is bread. Combined with the previous words in the prayer phrase: give, today, daily bread or provisions, this has broader connotations beyond even Jesus’ statement to the devil in the desert that “Man shall not live by bread alone.” (Matthew 4:4; Deuteronomy 8:3). The sermon I heard highlighted that the daily bread words in Hebrew is a unique pairing yielding a translation around the notion of “just enough” – just like the wandering Hebrews were blessed with just enough manna provisions they needed to survive. Daily.

Daily Ask
In this light, the message is clear that God is actually pretty amazing, wonderful, powerful, and not to be taken lightly or for granted. And that we who believe and acknowledge His existence and power and presence and love and Word are privileged to be considered as sons and daughters of the Living/Loving Father God who provides for His children.

All we need to do is merely ask Him. Daily. And, as Jesus points out “your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” (Matthew 6:8) With that in mind, our expectations should be satisfied with “just enough” to get us through another day. We really should be fine with that.

God knows (and we actually know in our heart of hearts), that when we are given too much in excess of our actual real needs, we spoil or exploit or waste or become thankless or selfish, or again, simply complacent. We therefore do well to say our daily prayers accordingly:

“Give us this day, God, just for today, our daily bread; just enough so we don’t get spoiled or miss the wonder of the gift provision that You, our loving Father gives us. And may we be grateful and patient and happy in what you provide knowing our needs and circumstances.”

Now Go Forth
And with that heartfelt daily prayer for your daily needs, now go forth with confidence, every day, that you will be taken care of, in the short and long-term, by God who loves you beyond expectations. And with that understanding comes daily peace, assurance, and grateful humility in times of plenty or want, in good or dire circumstances. We know He will always provide – just enough. Daily.

It’s a good, daily way to go.

Is God your daily provider?
“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” – Matthew 6:25

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