Missing the Point

Our young, in the absence of strong and yes, God-fearing Christian parenting, are highly susceptible to corrupting forces in their early years.

moral degradationIt seems obvious to me that we’re missing the point in the aftermath of another horrific school shooting by a troubled teen.

This time 20 lives are tragically lost in a small town in Texas, including 18 elementary school children, killed by a deranged 18-year old young man armed with heavy assault weapons.

Apart from the shock and horror of the event, most news reporters, TV pundits, and politicians, and the general public are focused on three things:

  1. Gun laws
  2. Law enforcement response
  3. Ensuring that “this never happens again!”

Well, it seems like it does keep happening again and again regardless of the clamoring and grandstanding. And regardless of gun legislation and campus security measures and police response protocols.

What’s Really Going On? 
You have to look far and wide to find anyone stating the obvious: this is a cultural morality issue which belies a spiritual issue at its core.

Over 50 years have passed in the US where the results are clear on a cultural experiment that has proven to be an unmitigated disaster foisted on our national soul.

An entire generation alive since the 1960’s has watched the moral and social degradation of a once good and God-fearing nation. No, the US was never perfect –  wise leaders have always acknowledged that. But we were good and God-fearing people raising families based on Judeo-Christian principles and values of God, marriage, family, love and service to one another, and charity for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Many of us still live that way.

But collectively as a nation, how far we have fallen:

  • We have stripped away prayer in schools and the public square. We can thank atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair in the 1960s.
  • We began to destroy our national pride with our escalation of the Vietnam War. We can thank our own leaders driving the “military industrial complex.”
  • We opened the door to an unfettered sexual revolution with abortion on demand and all the associated psychological damage and guilt. We can thank the militant feminist movement of activists and the Roe vs. Wade decision by the Supreme Court in 1973. 
  • We have wreaked havoc on global financial systems with manipulative monetary and legislative policies and practices that impact industries and markets and nations. We can thank the cabal of globalist marketmakers entrenched in all areas of economic production and government control.
  • We have destroyed the God-designed institution of marriage with a mere 5-4 vote in 2013 by the Supreme Court that usurped centuries of human history and holy tradition. We can thank a passive Church community overwhelmed by a militant and God-defiant gay activist community.
  • We have allowed a pharmaceutical industry to proliferate addictive drugs and medication to new generations of perpetual buyers and have even allowed criminal cartels to successfully participate. We can thank corrupted political and business parties who fuel and encourage these money-making machines.
  • We have allowed a minority but powerful LGBTQ community to successfully infiltrate our state and local governments and local and national school boards to direct their pro-gay and transgender agenda and inculcate their curriculum across a passive, unaware, or intimidated nation.

We are living through the demise of a nation while giving a wink and a nod to the now quaint notions of “family values” and wonder why we are such a troubled society.

The Impact on the Young 
While there are signs of a reawakening both civically and spiritually, for many it is too late. Young people raised today and educated with no moral code of ethics of basic right and wrong and encouraged to indulge in any or all of their hedonistic desires is a recipe for a failed and destructive life. Certainly in the eyes of God who created them, if not in the eyes of the haughty and spiritually lost.

Our young, in the absence of strong and yes, God-fearing Christian parenting, are highly susceptible to corrupting forces in their early years:

  • We want to raise innocent children, yet we face strong forces that allow them to be exposed to pornography at young ages.
  • We condemn child sex crimes, yet allow the teaching of subject matter involving sexual perversion to children in public elementary schools.
  • We promote non-addictive behaviors, yet readily expose our children to drugs and medication at a moment’s notice.

Then we put up blockers to anything referencing Christianity, Jesus, prayer, and the Bible. 

And we wonder why a certain faction of our young people go off the deep end and commit heinous crimes with no guilt or compassion.

Jesus Never Pushed for Gun Control 
As mentioned in other BV posts (see Questions Out of Tragedy), when confronted with clear evil behavior and random tragedy, Jesus did not offer band-aid solutions such as Hate Crime legislation (Romans killing innocent Jews in worship) or better construction permit compliance (collapsing tower in Siloam). Rather, Jesus points out the need for repentance in a broken world.

We all need repentance and a return to submission to the Word of God, the God of our creation. When we turn our individual and collective hearts back to God, and teach that same repentance and need for Godly-submission to our children and our children’s children, then we are raising up a new generation of God-revering/God-fearing people that will literally change the world around us.

Are you one who is missing the point?
[Jesus said] Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?  Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right? – Luke 12:56-57

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4 replies

  1. Excellent editorial.

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  2. Mike,

    Very powerful, and true!

    Have a good Memorial Day.


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  3. Around the time you wrote this, Satan succeeded in temporarily burying me under lies, betrayal, confusion that led to me forgetting how to access making comments…pulling me away from the much needed encouragement God provides through your blog.

    My first husband, Dan, was a godly, deep thinker, basing his life on The Word. A loving student of the Bible from late teens until going Home at age 76, he fed upon The Word…sharing with all whom God brought to him. He taught by answering a question with a question in the socratic way. I miss those conversations….but find much thought provoking and helpful strength in what you write.

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