A Christmas Miracle

A touching story of a prolific American author’s own most wondrous Christmas. ♦ Taylor Caldwell wrote many novels throughout her career. This one short Christmas story has always touched me greatly for its elements of financial fear, selflessness, a child’s… Read More ›

Mary, Did You Know?

Have you ever considered the situation of Mary, the young mother of Jesus? Imagine the fear, the wonder, the uncertainty, the hopeful expectation. Did she know what was really happening? Reconsider her story voiced in a beautiful song. ◊ It… Read More ›

A Christian Valentine

St. Valentine’s martyrdom story does not seem very romantic. Does the Bible say anything about love and romance?  ♦ One man, a Roman priest named Valentine, defied the edict handed down by the Emperor Claudius that prohibited the marriage of… Read More ›