God’s will

The Moses Plan

We have our plans and ideas of what we should be doing. Even what God would have us do. Ever have your plans upended? Is it possible, like Moses, our plans are short-sighted? ♦ Jeff could see all the pieces coming… Read More ›

Was That You, God?

That little hunch or fleeting notion might have been palpable, like a crystal-clear dream, vision, thought, or even small voice. Ever get those spiritual inclinations that seem so vivid yet ridiculously risky, hard, or seemingly impossible? But they seem so right. “Was… Read More ›

A Singular Calling

One’s calling is often confused with vocation or life purpose and path in worldly terms. This is actually a great distortion that has led many people astray. ♦ There is but one calling: His calling, His purpose. Yes, you may be… Read More ›