A Man and His Son

What are keys to raising respectful, wise and disciplined children in today’s distracting modern culture? It’s not a big secret. ♦ I heard a story recently of a local high-tech executive who, as a busy father, was frustrated with the snarky,… Read More ›

Guard Your Heart?

The modern advice to “guard your heart” is often used outside of the original Biblical context, even in the area of romance. What does it really mean? ♦ I remember watching a TV episode of “The Bachelorette” (my wife makes… Read More ›

Great King, Bad King

Characteristics and qualities of great leadership should not be debatable. It should be as obvious as day vs. night. Believe it or not, the Bible plays a prominent role in the ideal profile of great business and civic leadership. ♦ We… Read More ›