The Christmas Bygone Era?

The “War on Christmas” has been waged and, some believe, may already have been lost. I believe the war will continue indefinitely. And it’s not at all about “Season’s Greetings.” 

At the passing of an American president this week and all the associated ceremonial activities, I noticed consistent commentary about the apparent passing of a bygone era in American politics. That is, with the death of this honored 95-year old political figure, we were somehow saying goodbye to the final remnant of the so-called “greatest generation” in politics.

Politics is politics and it is naive to believe that there was some past Golden Age where everyone got along and shared a drink after a hard day of arguing legislative policy on opposing sides of the aisle. It’s a brutal arena. As one might say, “All is fair in love and war, and politics.” 

But while we can attest, even reading Bible history, that the politics of kings, nations, families and empires is fraught with intrigue and infighting, there is something to be said about the passing of another bygone era.

Not in American politics, but in America culture. And it is particularly noticeable during the Christmas season.

Christmas Neutered?
If one is not careful, you might hear yourself wishing the clerk at the grocery store a “Happy Holidays,” almost feeling like it’s illegal to wish someone a “Merry Christmas.” I remember a younger day when I use to feel bad for forgetting to add a “and a Happy New Year!”

Certainly the culture has changed over recent years. Our holidays have been secularized, if not completed neutered. Even Starbucks coffee cups come only in green or red with locations decorated carefully free of anything that some might believe would be offensive to others.

Yes, the “War on Christmas” has been waged and, depending on your perspective, may already have been lost.

I believe that the war will continue indefinitely. And it’s not at all about Season’s Greetings.

Christmas Untouchable
Of course, Christmas is the annual international celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ. No neutralizing of retail decorations, politically correct greetings and salutations, elimination of civic center manger scenes, even the proliferation of addictive but sanitized Hallmark Christmas movies, can or will ever change the most significant, historically noted event in human history: the birth of Jesus.

Why is that?

Because this celebrated event of Christmas changed the world and the course of humankind. No matter how hard some have tried particularly in recent years to neuter and whitewash, they can’t successfully eliminate Truth.

The Truth is that God injected Himself in human form, born as flesh, as promised in the Scriptures. He lived for just over 3 decades and died a horrific death that has been well-documented. The purpose was to act as an atonement for the sins of all mankind. Equally studied and documented is the fact of Jesus’ resurrection which we annually celebrate internationally as Easter – another opportunity for the anti-Christ types to seek its secularization, if not elimination, from the public scene.

Can’t be done, though. It’s actually impossible for the enemies of God to win this battle. Again, Truth wins every time.

Rest Assured. Merry Christmas!
We can lament but not fear the cultural shift. We can celebrate with our families and friends and churches the happiest day of the year. Speak in love and act in kindness to all people that we encounter. Know that you are loved by God and blessed to be a blessing.

After all, we too, at some point in our lives, were enemies of Jesus, if simply in our ignorant or uninformed rejection of the greatest gift ever given. But now we know that Truth and are free to celebrate it as we wish and as we should.

No, there is no Christmas bygone era. It will never die. It is a universal and now timeless celebration that no one can ever destroy.

Have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas season!
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. – John 1:14

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