5 Questions for Christmas

Christmas always causes questions to be raised and then seriously considered. Here are just 5 questions for Christmas. 

#1  Do I Really Believe It?

The Bible is full of supernatural phenomena and historic reality. One’s responsibility is to confront it, not retreat or resist it with blinders or denial. Unfortunately, many don’t go far beyond the happy superficial aspects of the holiday. Yes, the Christmas story must be intellectually reconciled. No one should escape the study and evaluation of history, documented evidence, and spiritual faith.

If we celebrate Christmas, then how is it that we really don’t believe it all? 

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#2  Did Mary Really Know?

Have you ever considered the situation of Mary, the young mother of Jesus? Imagine the fear, the wonder, the uncertainty, the hopeful expectation. Could she have really fathomed what was about to happen to her and her child?
Did she know what was really happening?
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#3  Did I Really Know This?

With the Christmas season comes the common citing of Biblical passages that inspire and encourage. At the same time, close examination of these verses may cause some confusion. All of the types, shadows and symbols of the Old Testament, including the land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem, and the temple of God, have been fulfilled in the baby we celebrate at Christmastime, the Holy Christ.
Do you fully understand all of the symbolism and fulfillment wrapped up in the Christmas story?
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#4  Am I Drifting?

The birth of Jesus was fraught with uncertainty, danger, fear and hardship. It worked out well in the end. What about our own active and challenging lives? It may be as subtle as a slow fade, but how easy it is for even the Spirit-led Christian to let a day or two or three or even a week or two go by and find themselves caught headlong in full Christian Drift – that insidious realm of work, family, and faith meshed with Christmas cheer and holiday jeer.
After all, it’s Christmas and you’ve “got a lot going on.” Right?
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#5  How Do I Deal With This?

In our modern culture many will summarize the life of Jesus as the wise rabbi who preached and taught love and tolerance. He healed the sick and served the poor and then was put to an untimely death for his radical ideas by his dissenters. This superficial treatment gets worse when we consider the birth of this same man, Jesus. We have to deal with it and confront the reality of a Biblical story that is real, compelling and steeped in historic and justifiable truth. But how?

How do I actually deal with the greatest and most preposterous truthful story ever told?

Read Biblical Viewpoint:  “The Preposterous Christmas Story”


Merry Christmas!
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Might God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. – Isaiah 9:6-7

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