More Questions for Christmas

With Christmas comes legitimate questions and varied explanations. Here are 5 more questions for Christmas. 

#1 How Do We Deal With the Jesus Thing?

I can imagine someone thinking, if not literally saying out-loud, that “Christmas would be better if we didn’t have to deal with the Jesus thing.” Pretty funny when you think about. Actually pretty sad as there probably are some people who’d agree with that statement. With church attendance at an all time low and a generation of proactive secularization, it’s not a stretch to think that the ‘Jesus thing’ is not top of mind for many of the population during this holiday season. Which begs the question, Why Not? Certainly the most strident atheist or even an uninformed secularist would acknowledge the following about Jesus, the man from Nazareth.

How do you deal with the inescapable problem of Jesus? 

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#2 Did You Miss This Story?

While there are many commonly known elements of the Christmas story, there’s a fascinating little adjunct story that is often overlooked. It takes place shortly after Jesus’ physical birth. Only weeks later, perhaps when Jesus is only 2 months old, when parents Joseph and Mary take their newborn child into Jerusalem and into the temple to be dedicated to God. It’s easy to pass over the incidents that occur here and consider them merely odd and anecdotal. But read them carefully and see how profound they really are!
Are you familiar with these prophetic words about Jesus from an old and devout, spirit-led man and woman?
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#3 What About These Dreams and Visions?

Studies show that despite increased secularization, 91% of Americans will celebrate Christmas. In fact, church attendance balloons on Christmas Eve to 47% vs. 18% on the typical weekend service. So we know that many people will get a real dose of Christmas stories that involve supernatural dreams and visions associated with the birth of Jesus. Actually, there are 8 uniquely fascinating dream and vision encounters involving 5 different persons/groups. In fact, the Christmas Story actually is a profound mosaic of uncanny occurrences that need to be considered or reconsidered.
Did these really happen or are they all nice Christmas fairy tales?
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#4 What About the Christmas Star?

We put star ornaments on our Christmas trees and see countless representations of this iconic symbol throughout the Christmas season. We’ve heard many theories about it and might admit a tinge of excitement when scientists confer on theories of aligning planets or astronomical occurrences that perhaps could be tied to the timeline of the historic event of Jesus’ birth. What’s the truth? Was this iconic symbol of the birth of Christ really a new star, a comet, aligned planets, a nova or supernova?
What’s the truth about the Christmas star? Have you considered perhaps another option?
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#5 Do You Know This Mary Song?

The story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is an interesting case of faith, surrender, devotion, and obedience. Amazing depth for one so young. As historian Luke writes in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, interacts with her relative Elizabeth, pregnant with John (the Baptist), the devout Hebrew teenager responds with the Song (or Prayer) of Mary, known around the world over the centuries as The Magnificat. Her prayer reflects the Spirit-led prayer of a good Jewish girl trained up in the Scriptures.

Do you have such faith?

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Merry Christmas!
Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things which have been accomplished among us…it seemed good to me…to write an orderly account for you…that you may know the truth concerning the things of which you have been informed. – Luke 1:1-4

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